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Anchorless Press

With over a decade in artist book publishing, Anchorless Press publishes thoughtful and original photobooks, highlighting the unexpected parts of a book, and how they create and uphold narrative.

Newly launched Anchorless Press Kids publishes children’s picture books from new authors with a unique perspective to share.

Book Designer—
Robyn York

Along with artists’ books and photobooks, Robyn designs family histories, poetry anthologies, and many more page turning projects.

View completed projects here: https://vimeo.com/user49757893

Stay tuned as more projects are added to her online portfolio

Currently booking projects for Spring 2022

Book Seller—
Tiny Anchor Bookshop

Opening in Spring of 2022, in a small building nestled near the woods and orchards of Renton, Ontario.

Tiny Anchor Bookshop will sell new, vintage, and previously loved books, specializing in Canadian fiction.